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CNN reports:

The president of the State University of New York at Oneonta has resigned, as the school grapples with hundreds of reported Covid-19 cases within the university since the beginning of the semester… SUNY Oneonta has reported 712 student cases of Covid-19 since residence halls opened on August 17…

The resignation of the sitting president of SUNY Oneonta comes after the university decided not to test students or quarantine them on arrival. Soon after, the University saw an uptick in positive results. By the time leadership tried to take punitive measures against students for disobeying social distancing orders, the virus had spread…
SUNY Oneonta has about 6,700 students enrolled, according to its website.

In an official statement the school’s chancellor said the president now wanted to “pursue other opportunities.”

But one student told CNN the outbreak was partly the fault of the student body. “I believe that much of the spreading could have been prevented if the students hadn’t partied or hadn’t gone anywhere without masks on.”

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