I’ve used Norton 360 and its various iterations for many years. This year and last year they have become exceptionally annoying about hitting my account for renewal a month or more before the renewal date and this year I have told them, No More and I will not be renewing Norton 360. Of course they refunded me immediately and gave me 30 days free and so forth, but I specifically told them in my original message that I didn’t care about getting free days or any other sweeteners, and that I just wanted them to stop charging people before the expiration date and creating a potential bounce condition in customer’s debit card accounts. I don’t care if most customers use regular credit cards; some of us are poor freelancers and HAVE to use debit card/credit card hybrids, and that’s our life.

(I also use the Norton VPN that came with the security suite and I hate it, if for no other reason than it won’t stay “on” either on my laptop or on my smartphone, and I find it conflicts with various things. But at least the one on the laptop turns itself back on when it can, and tells me so. But the mobile, Android version is hopeless in that respect. It just shuts off after a few hours. So I need a new VPN too, but that’s not what this thread is about.)

I’m a week away from the actual date for the Norton security suite re-up and I am just sick of their shit. Suggestions that are not Kaspersky would be welcome. I don’t like the Russian connection there, and I haven’t been able to talk myself out of my squeamishness about it, so I just don’t want to use them. Thanks for any assistance.

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