We propose BlockJack, a system based on a distributed and tamper-proof
consortium Blockchain that aims at blocking IP prefix hijacking in the Border
Gateway Protocol (BGP). In essence, BlockJack provides synchronization among
BlockChain and BGP network through interfaces ensuring operational independence
and this approach preserving the legacy system and accommodates the impact of a
race condition if the Blockchain process exceeds the BGP update interval.
BlockJack is also resilient to dynamic routing path changes during the
occurrence of the IP prefix hijacking in the routing tables. We implement
BlockJack using Hyperledger Fabric Blockchain and Quagga software package and
we perform initial sets of experiments to evaluate its efficacy. We evaluate
the performance and resilience of BlockJack in various attack scenarios
including single path attacks, multiple path attacks, and attacks from random
sources in the random network topology. The Evaluation results show that
BlockJack is able to handle multiple attacks caused by AS paths changes during
a BGP prefix hijacking. In experiment settings with 50 random routers,
BlockJack takes on average 0.08 seconds (with a standard deviation of 0.04
seconds) to block BGP prefix hijacking attacks. The test result showing that
BlockJack conservative approach feasible to handle the IP Prefix hijacking in
the Border Gateway Protocol.

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