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Having a hard time finding the right solution for a client. If anyone experienced a similar challenge, please let me know.

Client is a manufacturer of medical devices. They are currently developing the next generation of their patient monitoring devices. The devices must be NIST 800-53 compliant and will have PII/PHI on them.

The devices will be run attached to patients by analog and digital measurement devices. They will be connected to a network by Ethernet, Wifi, Bluetooth, or not connected in faraday-cadge room. It’s imperative the Security Application on the device scan or compromise the normal function of the device while it’s in use as human lives depend on this device.

Compatibility Requirements:

· ARM64 processor Architecture

· Linux – Yocto 3.0 Zeus

Functionality Requirements

· Embedded Security product – Pre-boot (Strongly desired)

· Lowest process intensity possible

· System Lockdown via application fingerprinting/Zero Trust/Process Whitelisting-Control

· Integrity checks of Filesystem (File Integrity Monitoring lets you monitor files, folders, registry keys, or registry values for changes.)

· Ability to add exceptions from scanning when device is performing certain functions

· Ability to Scan .CFG files

· Regular Signature updates pushed over private subnet.

Attack Vectors/State

· Wifi Enabled

· Bluetooth Enabled

· Normally ethernet to dedicated monitoring subnet.

· There are a variety of I/O ports.

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