I’ve had bitdender some years. Now it won’t finish a scan, they say it’s because I have malwarebytes.. uninstall that. Did so.. still won’t finish a scan… they say it’s because you have hitmanpro.. uninstall that…. Sigh

So I get I had multiple av installed. Didn’t realize malwarbytes is now a full blown av. Forgot about hitman.. lol. But now I’m reviewing my security.

I see a lot here like Kasbersky. But it’s Russian and subject to that government. Well that’s true with all of them I guess. I liked malwarebytes for its pup removal… bitdefender did not catch those.
Hate Avast.

So anyone have notes or takes on the new malwarebytes av?

Yes I can go with windows defender.. eggs basket Microsoft.. not doing that

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