Many commercially available memory chips are fabricated worldwide in
untrusted facilities. Therefore, a counterfeit memory chip can easily enter
into the supply chain in different formats. Deploying these counterfeit memory
chips into an electronic system can severely affect security and reliability
domains because of their sub-standard quality, poor performance, and shorter
lifespan. Therefore, a proper solution is required to identify counterfeit
memory chips before deploying them in mission-, safety-, and security-critical
systems. However, a single solution to prevent counterfeiting is challenging
due to the diversity of counterfeit types, sources, and refinement techniques.
Besides, the chips can pass initial testing and still fail while being used in
the system. Furthermore, existing solutions focus on detecting a single
counterfeit type (e.g., detecting recycled memory chips). This work proposes a
framework that detects major counterfeit static random-access memory (SRAM)
types by attesting/identifying the origin of the manufacturer. The proposed
technique generates a single signature for a manufacturer and does not require
any exhaustive registration/authentication process. We validate our proposed
technique using 345 SRAM chips produced by major manufacturers. The silicon
results show that the test scores ($F_{1}$ score) of our proposed technique of
identifying memory manufacturer and part-number are 93% and 71%, respectively.

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