Internal Documents Reveal NSA Cafeteria Sucks
An anonymous reader writes: As reported by Motherboard, Emily Crose, a FOIA researcher, obtained emailed complaints showing how life at the NSA can be incredibly mundane:”The cafe menu items and pricing are out of control! Weighing the food to get more money, the scales are not properly adjusted, ripping us off. They stopped serving fried eggs at the OPS1 breakfast bar because it’s faster and cheaper to get them. Now if you go to the grill the price is inflated. What’s the difference between the grilled chicken at the grill and the grilled chick at the chicken shack?”
A person who used to work in the intelligence community told that they could confirm that the NSA cafeteria is “depressingly bad.”

“Maybe not the worst cafeteria I’ve ever eaten in but worse than the time I ate at US run military base mess hall,” they said, asking to remain anonymous.

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