BSidesPhilly 2017 Videos
These are the videos from BSides Philadelphia 2017. Thanks to Mark, Mike, Austin, John, David and others I’m forgetting for helping with the video.

Innovating for 21st Century Warfare
Ernest “Cozy Panda” Wong

MFA, It’s 2017 and You’re Still Doing Wrong
Presented by Dan Astor and Chris Salerno.

Out With the Old, In With the GNU

IoT devices are one of the biggest challenges
Charles @libertyunix Sgrillo

Evading C2 Detection with Asymmetry
By Brandon Arvanaghi and Andrew Johnston

Abusing Normality: Data Exfiltration in Plain Site
Aelon Porat

Smarter ways to gain skills, or as the DoD puts it
Dr. P. Shane Gallagher, Institute for Defense Analyses, and Evan Dornbush, co-founder, Point3 Security, Inc.

Game of the SE: Improv comedy as a tool in Social Engineering
Danny Akacki – Security Monkey

File Polyglottery; or, This Proof of Concept is Also a Picture of Cats
Evan Sultanik

Your Facts Are Not Safe With Us: Russian Information Operations As Social Engineering
Meagan Dunham Keim

Supercharge Your SOC with Sysmon
Chris Lee & Matthew Giannetto

Threat Hunting: Defining the Process While Circumventing Corporate Obstacles
Kevin Foster, Matt Schneck, Ryan Andress

Put up a CryptoWall and Locky the Key – Stopping the Explosion of Ransomware

Web Hacking 101 Hands-on with Burp Suite
David Rhoades of

Hacker Mindset
David Brown: CISSP, CISM, IAM

BSidesPhilly 2017 Videos

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