A Superficial Guide to Hacking Wi-Fi Password 

Ever wondered what it feels like, when you hack into your neighbour’s Wi-Fi? I am sure a lot of you out there have thought about this at some point of time. Hacking Wi-Fi is a punishable offence under section 66 of the IT act. However, it does no harm if you try to understand the mechanism behind hacking a Wi-Fi password. There are no restrictions on how much you can expand your knowledge. 

In this article, I shall try to tell you a bit about hacking of Wi-Fi. 

The most common types of Wi-Fi security methods used are WEP, WPA and WPA2. Life is not going to be easy; the same can be said for hacking! In order to try to break into the Wi-Fi you would require the ‘Kali Linus OS’ and an external or internal Wi-Fi adapter. 

Hacking a WPA Encryption based Wi-Fi network

Hacking through a WPA encrypted Wi-Fi network is a tedious process when compared to Wi-Fi that uses WEP encryption. However, do not lose your hope, as always to befriend someone you need to put your hand out and start off with a handshake! 

Handshake File

The same is applicable for Wi-Fi. When a router communicates with a client, there is an exchange of the Handshake file. This file has a rather fancy name but all it does is give the Wi-Fi password to your device in an encrypted form. The router was friendly enough, I guess! The password however, is encrypted! 

Brute Force

We have to break in using Brute-Force! This is an offline process where the hacker tries various password combinations on the encrypted password hoping that he would be able to recover the original password. Complex and tedious though it may seem, this process is usually completed within a few minutes. There you go! Password hacked and you are free to use the network! 

Hacking Wi-Fi using your Android Device 

A lot of you out there have better access to android devices when compared to Kali Linux OS. Let us now learn about how you can use your android device to hack into a Wi-Fi network. This is a lot easier as all you need to do is use applications readily available on the Google Playstore. Applications like WPS WPA Tester and AndroDumper help hack into Wi-Fi networks. You need not root your device in order to break into Wi-Fi networks using these applications. Although having your device rooted can be very helpful as the apps can then show you what the exact password is. 

Better Safe than Sorry

Hacking of Wi-Fi may seem like something difficult but with the right tools and knowledge, it becomes child’s play. I would request you to use the knowledge you have received here with utmost discretion for you do not want to fall under the hammer of law!

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