These are the videos of the presentations from Secure West Virginia 2017. Thanks to Justine, Tim, Morgan, Kevin, Todd & Roy for helping record.

Benny Karnes

Fighting Advanced Persistent Threats with Advanced Persistent Security
Ira Winkler

Coming Up with the Next Wave of Cyber Innovations-Start by Thinking 1ns1d3 th3 B0x
Ernest Wong

I survived Ransomeware…. Twice
Matt Perry

Value of threat intelligence

SDR & RF Hacking Primer
Andrew Bindner

Digital Forensic Analysis: Planning and Execution
John Sammons

Intro to WireShark
Josh Brunty

Secrets of Superspies
Ira Winkler

Total Recall: Using Implicit Memory as a Cryptographic Primitive
Tess Schrodinger

IoT Panel

Hillbilly Storytime – Pentest Fails
Adam Compton

Hackers, Hugs and Drugs
Amanda Berlin

FLDigi – E-mail over Packet Radio
Aaron West and Rob West

From junk to jewels: Destruction is the key to building
Branden Miller & Audrey Miller

SCAP: A Primer and Customization
Scott Keener

Security Through Ansible Automation
Adam Vincent

Vehicle Forensics: An Emerging Source of Evidence
John Sammons

Network Forensics using Kali Linux and/or SANS Sift
Josh Brunty

911 DDOS
Dianiel Efaw

Pi’s, Pi’s and wifi
Steve Truax

Technical Testimony: Doing the Heavy Lifting for the Jury
John Sammons

Emergent Gameplay
Ron Moyer



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