GrrCON 2018 Videos
GrrCON 2018 Videos
These are the videos of the presentations from GrrCON 2018. Big thanks to EggDropX and Jaime for having me out, and my video crew  (paint27, Erick, Jason, brettahansen, Angela, Luke & others) for recording.

Dave Kennedy

An Inconvenient Truth: Evading the Ransomware Protection in Windows 10
Soya Aoyama

The Abyss is Waving Back – The four paths that human evolution is charging down, and how we choose which one’s right
Chris Roberts

Crypto Gone Rogue: A Tale of Ransomware, Key Management and the CryptoAPI
Pranshu Bajpai & Dr. Richard Enbody

You’re right, this talk isn’t really about you!
Jayson E Street

Analyzing Pwned Passwords with Apache Spark
Kelley Robinson

How to rob a bank over the phone
Joshua “Naga” Crumbaugh
(Posting Later Maybe)

Vibing Your Way Through an Enterprise: How Attackers are Becoming More Sneaky
Matthew Eidelberg

PwnBook: Penetrating with Google’s Chromebook
Corey Batiuk

Life, Death + the Nematodes: Long live Cyber Resilience!
Chad Calease

Data Data Everywhere but No One Stops to Think
Scott Thomas, Carl Hertz & Robert Wagner

Automation and Open Source: Turning the Tide on Attackers
John Grigg

w.e w.e Internet Explorer Does What It Wants
Aaron Heikkila

Pacu: Attack and Post-Exploitation in AWS
Spencer Gietzen

Hacker Tools, Compliments of Microsoft
David Fletcher & Sally Vandeven

How to Conduct a Product Security Test: And How it Fits Into the Larger Security Strategy
Dr. Jared DeMott

Over the Phone Authentication
Spencer Brown

Designing a Cloud Security Blueprint
Sarah Elie

To Fail is Divine
Danny Akacki

Zero to Owned in 1 Hour: Securing Privilege in Cloud, DevOps, On-Prem Workflows
Brandon Traffanstedt

Malware Mitigation Sample Detonation Intelligence Automation: Make Your Binaries Work for You
Adam Hogan

emulacra and emulation: an intro to emulating binary code with Vivisect
Atlas of D00m

SniffAir – An Open-Source Framework for Wireless Security Assessments
Matthew Eidelberg & Steven Daracott

Threat Hunting: the macOS edition
Megan Carney

The Hybrid Analyst: How Phishing Created A New Type of Intel Analyst
Rachel Giacobozzi

Dragnet: Your Social Engineering Sidekick
Truman Kain

Intelligence Creating Intelligence: Leveraging what you know to improve finding what you don,t
Tomasz Bania

Guaranteed Failure: Awareness The Greatest Cyber Insanity
Joshua “Naga” Crumbaugh

Threat Modeling: How to actually do it and make it useful
Derek Milroy

Structuring your incident response could be one of the most important things you do to bolster Security
Matt Reid

How this 20 Year Old Changed the Security Industry
James O’Neill

Stop Boiling The Ocean! How To Succeed With Small Gains
Joel Cardella

Do I have a signature to detect that malware?
Ken Donze

2018 SIEM Trends: What is my Mean Time to Value?
Bill Lampe

Advanced Attackers Hiding Inside Encrypted Traffic at the Endpoint
Jared Phipps

More Tales from the Crypt-Analyst
Jeff Man

My First year in Application Security
Whitney Phillips

Career Risk Management: 10 tips to keep you employed
Chris Burrows

Red vs Blue: The Untold Chapter
Aaron Herndon & Thomas Somerville

Saving All the Money to Buy All the Booze: Learning to Hack All the Things on a Budget
Michael Morgese

Analyzing Multi-Dimensional Malware Dataset
Ankur Tyagi

Physicals, Badges, and why it matters
Alex Fernandez-Gatti

InSpec: Compliance as Code
Kent picat, Gruber

Bounty Hunters
J Wolfgang Goerlich

GrrCON 2018 Videos

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