BSides Tampa 2019 Videos
These are the videos from the BSides Tampa conference. Thanks to all of the BSides Crew for having me out to help record and render the videos. Special thanks to my video crew: Matthew, Bridget, Patrick, Dan, Mike, Audrey and Chris


Doesn’t It make You WannaCry: Mitigating Ransomware on a Windows Network
David Branscome

RegEx for Incident Response
Daniel Nutting Bryan Turner

Intermediate Physical Security
Justin Wynn

Security Analytics in the Cloud
Marc Baker

How to use 400+M endpoints to build strong AI detection systems
Filip Chytry

20/20 Enterprise Security Monitoring: Seeing clearly with Security Onion
Wes Lambert

Beyond Lockpicking
Brian Etchieson

Social Forensication: A Multidisciplinary Approach to Successful Social Engineering
Joe Gray

Phishing U2F-Protected Accounts
Nikita Mazurov Kenny Brown

Election Hacking: Getting Ready for the Russian Onslaught in 2020
Jeremy Rasmussen

Logging Pitfalls and How to Abuse Them
Kevin Kaminski Michael Music

Personal security while on travel with additional pro-tips from seasoned travellers.
Derek Banks Beau Bullock

Securing Shadow IT
Gene Cronk

Day When Quantum Computers Breaks Crypto
Roger Grimes

An Inside Look At Stopping Unauthorized Sellers & Counterfeiters On Amazon
Bruce Anderson

The Sound of Evil
Wes Widner

Serverless Security Top 10
Tal Melamed

Hacking IoT devices by chaining application security vulnerabilities
Rick Ramgattie

Becoming a Human nMAP! Cultivating a Renaissance Approach for the Social Engineer
Tigran Terpandjian

vCISO Is That the Right Answer
Mike Brooks

BSides Tampa 2019 Videos

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