Ok so this is a follow up to my previous post about an infected (maybe) usb. After that post i decided to do a scan with malwarebytes free and it found a trojan virus. To be more precise it was another file in found.000 so with the .chk extension flagged as a bitcon miner. This time before deleting it i went on virustotal and submitted it. It was flagged by around 40/45 % of antiviruses as a trojan but the other 60/55 % did not flag it. I saw that both bitdefender and kaspersky did not flag it. Somebody can explain to me if .chk files are maleware, where they come from and if they’re actually dangerous.

Edit: it seems strange beacause why whould you put a bitcoin miner on a usb pen drive and in an extension that from what i know is almost useless.

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