My mom got back from school and all of her files and folders became random symbols. I decided to plug in the usb on my pc and run a bitdefender scan. It found a malware in the found000 folder. It was a trojan named file0013.chk. The damage wa pretty much none beacause i always tell my mother to save all the files on her pc and than copy them to the usb. The virus probably came from one of the computer that she uses at school. But there are 3 things i would like to know. 1 – There is a way to keep the usb safe from malware ? 2 – If not google drive can be a great alternative? 3 – How did the trojan encrypt the files if it was a .chk file, as far as i know the .chk extension is used for backup files.

Edit: the trojan encripted only the first 3 folder the first time she plugged it in her computer but on mine (wich happened later) all were encrypted. Also the virus didn’t spread to my pc nor my mother’s one.

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