The IT Security Guru has paired up with Synopsys, a recognised leader in application security, to bring you the webinar, ‘How to Smartly Scale AppSec Testing’.

No matter what any blog or vendor says you know there is no silver bullet for application security. Complete one item on your to-do list, seven more things are there anxiously awaiting your attention. Since cloning yourself is out of the question, how are you scaling your AppSec program to keep up?

Join Khalid Damran, Head of Information Security Risk Department at the Bank of Palestine, and Frank Morris, Managing Director of Synopsys as they discuss how overwhelmed or understaffed organisations are scaling their AppSec testing. Topics covered include:

  • How to handle elasticity in testing demand in a global skills shortage
  • What happens when we share knowledge and experience more often
  • Why feedback and continuous improvement matters

The webinar will be live online at 10am BST on the 29th of September and henceforth, available on demand.

Don’t miss out – register HERE now!


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