Is America’s FTC Investigating McDonalds’ Right to Repair McFlurry Machines?
America’s consumer-protection agency has apparently launched a “preliminary investigation” into how often McDonalds franchise owners are allowed to repair their own McFlurry-making equipment, reports CBS Moneywatch (citing an article Tuesday in the Wall Street Journal).

The machine’s manufacturer insists that the product’s warranty is void if purchasers attempt to fix machines on their own, according to the Wall Street Journal. But CBS MoneyWatch adds:

It’s illegal for companies to make warranties conditional on the use of certain parts or services, a practice antitrust law calls “tying”…

The Federal Trade Commission in July issued a new policy broadly in favor of the “right to repair,” an issue that President Joe Biden singled out in a broad executive order on anticompetitive practices. The agency is now writing new rules targeting repair restrictions. “If this [case] is connected to that, it’s going to be the first example of the FTC looking at repair restrictions as something worth investigating,” said Nathan Proctor, senior director of the Right to Repair campaign for the U.S. Public Interest Group.

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