Linus Torvalds Jokes About Celebrations for Linux’s 30th Anniversary
Despite Linux reaching its 30th anniversary, “most outside the tech industry will be unaware that Linux has reached such a milestone,” writes ZDNet, “even though the project has had a huge impact on everything from smartphones to cloud computing.”

They add that Linus Torvalds “poked fun at that lack of recognition in his usual Sunday release note for a new stable version of the Linux kernel.”
“So I realize you must all still be busy with all the galas and fancy balls and all the other 30th anniversary events, but at some point you must be getting tired of the constant glitz, the fireworks, and the champagne,” Torvalds said. “That ball gown or tailcoat isn’t the most comfortable thing, either. The celebrations will go on for a few more weeks yet, but you all may just need a breather from them.”

Linux 5.14 includes additional features for Intel’s Alder Lake mobile-ready CPUs, extra AMD support and better support for the Raspberry Pi 400 PC. “Because 5.14 is out there, just waiting for you to kick the tires and remind yourself what all the festivities are about,” notes Torvalds…

Torvalds is upbeat about Linux’s future, predicting decades more work for the kernel’s several thousand contributors who help shape the Linux kernel and drivers. “Of course, the poor tireless kernel maintainers won’t have time for the festivities, because for them, this just means that the merge window will start tomorrow. We have another 30 years to look forward to, after all. But for the rest of you, take a breather, build a kernel, test it out, and then you can go back to the seemingly endless party that I’m sure you just crawled out of,” he wrote.

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