I posted this on the Norton forums but haven’t gotten a response yet, so thought I would try here.

I downloaded a patched game from a website (Nexus forums). The website is popular and checks for viruses and flagged the file as safe, and many posts claimed it as well, and it fixed the issues with the game. It scans clean with Norton. Virus total scans clean with everything except one, which says PE.Heur.InvalidSig. The forums mentioned this since it’s a modified binary.

While playing the game I will regularly minimize the game and go to desktop, browse a website, etc. Since using this modified patch, when going to desktop, I noticed a few times a message that said “Suspicious Action Blocked – Security activity has occurred during silent mode.” There is nothing to click on or get more information. When I check Norton’s history, there is no mention of this. I don’t have silent mode turned on, but I assume it goes on when playing a fullscreen game.

Is there any way to tell what activity was blocked?

I haven’t done anything else that I feel could have given me a virus. I did a full scan with norton and then a full scan with free version of malwarebytes, checked my host file, and used process explorer with virustotal tab to check running processes, and found nothing.

Thank you.

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