Something came up today that surprised me. Perhaps this was worked out in
the newsgroup”I can’t seem to get into it at the moment.

The digest reported uncritically:

> ... 91.2% of their adult population is at least partially vaccinated,
> 86.5% are fully vaccinated Fauci said with 50% vaccinated, we wouldn’t see
> surges like those in the past.  Whoops!

A certain crowd, if you read the Twitter thread, is taking this to mean that
precautions don’t work. This is a faulty conclusion for a bunch of reasons.

(1) the two-dose vaccination % in Iceland is about 74%, not 87%
(2) infections and related data should be evaluated per capita;
(3) the United States has three times the per capita infection rate as Iceland;
(4) an increase in infection rate from very very good to very good looks
    ominous with the Y-access access scaled up;
(5) hospitalization/death post-vax are the crucial numbers. Vaxed people
    rarely get very sick or die;
(6) If Dr Fauci’s “fairly certain” was wrong”and that was pre-Delta
    explosion”it reflects on Dr Fauci, not the statistically proven
    effectiveness of vaccines;
(7) The data suggests actually that Iceland let off its restirctions in June
    at the wrong time.
(8) The RISK: relying on a cherry-picked context-free graph and annotating
    it cleverly to make a political point.
(9) I’m sure there’s more…. Public health is complicated.


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