People don't understand what vaccines do.

Vaccines are tested and approved based upon their preventing disease, not
upon their preventing infection. Of all the human vaccines, only the HPV
vaccine prevents infection. For example, children get infected with the two
serotypes of polio that exist, even if they are vaccinated. That the
SARS-COV-2 vaccines prevent infection is a bonus that will decline over
time. However, the vaccines are still great at preventing hospitalization
and death. That's because the protection of the immune system goes beyond
antibodies. For example, people who cannot produce antibodies and are
vaccinated have similar levels of protection against hospitalization and
death as people with a normal immune system.

A booster shot will likely increase the antibody levels and cut down on the
infection rate and the hospitalization rate.  But that will only be for a
few months until we once again have these SARS-COV-2 vaccines operating as
every other human vaccine. A booster is a protection for those who are
vaccinated and probably even more so for the idiots who are not.

The only long-term answer is to get every fool vaccinated ASAP.

The above paragraphs are based upon /This Week in Virology/. probably the
best technical podcast in the world on viruses and vaccines.

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