17/24 Sep 2021 to 1 Oct 2021  (Save the Date)

Security, Privacy, and Innovation: Reshaping Law for the AI Era
Virtual Symposium, Fall 2021

Artificial intelligence (AI) is having profound effects on all aspects of
our society, the human experience, and national security. AI offers the
potential to expand knowledge, increase prosperity, and provide solutions to
global challenges. At the same time, public and private actors have
harnessed AI to supercharge cyber attacks and disinformation campaigns,
weaken social cohesion, and subvert individual rights. And legal frameworks
have yet to grapple with serious questions around algorithmic bias and

In partnership with the National Security Commission on Artificial
Intelligence, the Berkman Klein Center, and Just Security, the Reiss Center
on Law and Security is convening a virtual symposium of experts to debate
critical legal issues around AI. The symposium will explore how the law must
adapt to promote innovation while addressing serious questions around the
development and use of AI in the United States and globally.


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