Welcome to my first post as a FireEye™ employee! Many of you have asked me
what I think of FireEye’s acquisition of Mandiant. One of the
aspects of the new company that I find most exciting is our
increased threat intelligence capabilities. This post will briefly
explore what that means for our customers, prospects, and the

By itself, Mandiant generates threat intelligence in a
fairly unique manner from three primary sources. First, our professional
division learns about adversary tools, tactics, and
procedures (TTPs) by assisting intrusion victims. This “boots
on the ground” offering is unlike any other, in terms of
efficiency (a small number of personnel required), speed (days or
weeks onsite, instead of weeks or months), and effectiveness (we
know how to remove advanced foes). By having consultants inside a
dozen or more leading organizations every week of the year, Mandiant
gains front-line experience of cutting-edge intrusion activity.
Second, the Managed Defense™ division operates our
software and provides complementary services on a multi-year
subscription basis. This team develops long-term counter-intrusion
experience by constantly assisting another set of customers in a
managed security services model. Finally, Mandiant’s intelligence
team acquires data from a variety of sources, fusing it with
information from professional services and managed defense. The
output of all this work includes deliverables such as the annual M-Trends report and last year’s APT1
, both of which are free to the public. Mandiant
customers have access to more intelligence through our software and

As a security software company, FireEye deploys powerful appliances into
customer environments to inspect and (if so desired) quarantine
malicious content. Most customers choose to benefit from the cloud
features of the FireEye product suite. This decision enables
community self-defense and exposes a rich collection of the world’s
worst malware. As millions more instances of FireEye’s MVX
technology expand to mobile, cloud and data center environments, all
of us benefit in terms of protection and visibility. Furthermore,
FireEye’s own threat intelligence and services components generate
knowledge based on their visibility into adversary software and
activity. Recent examples include breaking news on Android malware,
identifying Yahoo! systems serving malware, and exploring
“cyber arms” dealers. Like Mandiant, FireEye’s customers
benefit from intelligence embedded into the MVX platforms.

Many have looked at the Mandiant and FireEye combination from the
perspective of software and services. While these are important,
both ultimately depend on access to the best threat intelligence
available. As a combined entity, FireEye can draw upon nearly 2,000
employees in 40 countries, with a staff of security consultants,
analysts, engineers, and experts not found in any other private
organization. Stay tuned to the FireEye and Mandiant blogs as we
work to provide an integrated view of adversary activity throughout

I hope you can attend the FireEye + Mandiant – 4 Key
Steps to Continuous Threat Protection webinar on Wednesday, Jan 29
at 2pm ET. During the webinar Manish Gupta, FireEye SVP of Products,
and Dave Merkel, Mandiant CTO and VP of Products will discuss why
traditional IT security defenses are no longer the safeguards they
once were and what’s now needed to protect against today’s advanced

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