Industrial enterprises such as electric utilities, petroleum
companies, and manufacturing organizations invest heavily in industrial
control systems (ICS)
to efficiently, reliably, and safely
operate industrial processes. Without this technology operating the
plant floor, these businesses cannot exist.

Board members, executives, and security officers are often unaware
that the technology operating the economic engine of their enterprise
invites undetected subversion.  

In this paper, FireEye iSIGHT Intelligence prepares risk executives
and security practitioners to knowledgeably discuss six core
weaknesses an adversary can use to undermine a plant’s operation:

  • Unauthenticated protocols
  • Outdated hardware
  • Weak user authentication
  • Weak file integrity
  • Vulnerable Windows operating systems
  • Undocumented third-party relationships

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to learn more. To discuss these six subversive
vulnerabilities threatening today’s industrial environments, register
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