Today malwarebytes found a supposedly redline stealer from some microsoft visual studio file. I have not touched my visual studio installation nor used the software in some time. I popped the file into virustotal but it said it was fine. Malwarebytes also found the same file on my laptop which I haven’t even opened in few months. I just let malwarebytes delete the file and rebooted my pc and now it found some other file, same situation with virustotal. There seems to be a lot of instances online where a random visual studio files are being flagged as malware. Wanting to know people’s opinion on this.

It seems like my laptop now found a “trojan.crypt” as well. But virustotal says no threats with that file either. I guess I should list the file paths too:

the 1st one, I don’t remember anymore but it was a payload.vsix file from some CrossRepositorySearch folder in ProgramData.

2nd one: C:Program Files(x86)Microsoft Visual Studio2019CommunityCommon7IDECommonExtensionsMicrosoftCrossRepositorySearchServiceHubMicrosoft.Azure.DevOps.Comments.WebApi.dll

3rd one: C:Program Filesdotnetsdk5.0.102SdksMicrosoft.NET.Sdktoolsnet472NuGet.Versioning.dll

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