I noticed my pc was slowing down suddenly few days ago Also i noticed my browser is showing ad when i search now which previously wouldn’t, I already had Protegent AV Cloud preinstalled which detected trojan which it quarantined but everyday a new one pops up, After that I installed malwarebytes trial one it showed 13 Adware.SearchEngineHijack they are all quarantined.

If it matters I use microsoft edge. i use this pc for RDP work and general google and reddit searches so i’m scared if it affects my work pc.

is there a way to handle this? would a total PC factory setting solved this?

Also would using only windows defender + Protegent AV Cloud without malwarebytes be okay?

my dilemma is that malwarebytes costs almost $40 annually which is way out of my budget, should i purchase other AV like Kaspersky Total Security or Bitdefender Total Security which seems a cheaper as compared to malwarebytes .

*** Protegent detected trojan (keeps multiplying everyday which a virus does i guess), malwarebytes detected Adware no mention of trojan, Avast was showing DNS issue only, Mcafee showed nothing.

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