After being legalized as an agricultural commodity by the 2018 U.S. Farm
Bill, the Industrial Hemp production is moved from limited pilot programs to a
regulated agriculture production system, and the market keeps increasing since
then. However, Industrial Hemp Supply Chain (IHSC) faces several critical
challenges, including high complexity and variability, data tampering, and lack
of immutable information tracking system. In this paper, we develop a
blockchain enabled internet-of-things (IoT) platform for IHSC to support
process tracking, scalability, interoperability, and risk management.
Basically, we create a two-layer blockchain with proof-of-authority based smart
contract, which can leverage local authorities with state/federal regulators to
ensure and accelerate quality control verification and regulatory compliance.
Then, we develop a user-friendly mobile app so that each participant can use
smart phone to real-time collect and upload their data to the cloud, and
further share the process verification and tracking information through the
blockchain network. Our study indicates the proposed platform can support
interoperability, improve the efficiency of quality control verification, and
ensure the safety of regulated IHSC.

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