In the physical world, light affects the performance of deep neural networks.
Nowadays, many products based on deep neural network have been put into daily
life. There are few researches on the effect of light on the performance of
deep neural network models. However, the adversarial perturbations generated by
light may have extremely dangerous effects on these systems. In this work, we
propose an attack method called adversarial neon beam (AdvNB), which can
execute the physical attack by obtaining the physical parameters of adversarial
neon beams with very few queries. Experiments show that our algorithm can
achieve advanced attack effect in both digital test and physical test. In the
digital environment, 99.3% attack success rate was achieved, and in the
physical environment, 100% attack success rate was achieved. Compared with the
most advanced physical attack methods, our method can achieve better physical
perturbation concealment. In addition, by analyzing the experimental data, we
reveal some new phenomena brought about by the adversarial neon beam attack.

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