Facebook Agrees To Massive Settlement For Data Privacy Class Action Lawsuit
Here’s an announcement from lawfirm DiCello Levitt Gutzler. This week a U.S. District court “granted preliminary approval of a $90 million settlement” with Facebook’s parent company, Meta Platforms, “to resolve a long-running class action accusing Facebook of tracking its subscribers’ activities on non-Facebook websites — even while signed out of their Facebook accounts.”

“The monetary component makes this the seventh-largest data privacy class action settlement ever to receive preliminary court approval.”

Long-time Slashdot reader destinyland quotes the announcement:
Individuals who, between April 22, 2010, and September 25, 2011, inclusive, were Facebook users in the United States and visited non-Facebook websites that displayed the Facebook Like button, may be eligible for a payment from the settlement fund. Email notices from the claims administrator, Angeion, have started to go out, and will continue in batches through July 15, 2022. Recipients of an email notice should note an ID and confirmation code in the top left corner, which should be use in submitting their claim.

However, even those who do not receive an email notice are still permitted to file a claim, and the administrator will determine whether they are eligible.

The correct link to the class action lawsuit website is: fbinternettrackingsettlement.com/

The deadline to submit a claim is September 22, 2022.

Komando.com adds that “While Facebook has denied any wrongdoing, it chose to settle the matter outside of court before it went to trial…”

“It’s impossible to tell how much you can get at this stage in the lawsuit, as the final payout will depend on the number of claims submitted and additional fees. All settlement class members will be paid in equal amounts.”

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